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Modern Arnis & Tang Soo Do Requirements


Tang Soo Do Requirements

Modern Arnis Requirements  (Revised 7/7/11)



Tatalog English Tatalog English


Isa: One                                                            Pito: Seven

Dalawa: Two                                                    Walo: Eight

Tatlo: Three                                                    Siyam: Nine

Apat: Four                                                       Sampo: Ten

Lima: Five                                                       Labing Isa: Eleven

Anim: Six                                                       Labing Dalawa: Twelve


Actions & Techniques


Tatalog English Tatalog English


Sinawali: Weaving                        Banda y banda: Side-to-Side

Corto: Short                                  Abanico: Fan

Crossada: Cross                           Tulok: Push

Hirada: Forward                           Mano - Mano: Hand-to-Hand

Doblada: Double Movement        Rompida: Up & Down

Redonda: X-Movement                Largo: Long

Palis Palis: Sweep Stroke         De Cadena: Give & Take

Tusok: Poke/Jab                         Sungkiti: Thrust

Abiniko Doblata Double Fan    Anyo Form (Kata)




Tatalog English Tatalog English


Espada: Sword                                Baston: Cane

Solo Baston: Single Cane           Doble Baston: Double Cane

Punyal: Knife                                Punyo: Sword/Cane Butt

Daga: Dagger                                Espada y Daga: Sword & Dagger




Tatalog English Tatalog English


Lakan: Male                                    Dayang: Female

Guro: Teacher


Here are the first 15 Right-on-Right Tapi-tapi

1. #1 SBC bait same side & lock
2. #2 SBC bait same side & lock
3. #5 SBC bait over stick into pencil lock
4. #1 SBC invert sticks, bait into face, roll under &
lock, choke or throw
5. #2 SBC bait with dulo into crossbow lock
6. #5 SBC snake w/ alive hand, while baiting same
side, tie up both arms & strike.
7. #1 SBC vine into tie wrist lock
8. #2 SBC vine into tie wrist lock
9. #5 SBC vine into tie lock & bait both sides into
10. #1 SBC strike & rotate under their arm into
standing center lock
11. #2 SBC punyo roll into arm-bar
12. #5 SBC back hand bait, grab their wrist & remove
grab, strike stomach into chest arm-bar
13. #1 SBC bait with dulo, then x-lock disarm into
strike, arm-bar & take-down
14. #2 SBC bait same side & big-wheel, pin arm at
elbow w/ their punyo & strike
15. #5 SBC bait opposite side, into pincher choke &

 Left-on-Right Tapi-Tapi


1Sweep entryPerry, Back-fist, Grab & Clear
2Sweep entryControl stick to chest, Bait same
side, cross arm, slap off, strike stick, punyo rolls &
3Sweep entryroof block inward, while stepping
outward, then wing block outward, while steeping
inward, repeat, then on the outward wing block, perry
& finish with #1 tapi-tapi.
4Sweep entrycontrol stick, bait behind their
stick, when they grab, abanico their stick to their
wrist, then lock with your elbow, bait with alive
hand, when they grab, lock their stick on their arm.
Bait same side & lock, then clear.
5Sweep entrycontrol stick, bait behind to their forehead, abanico their stick to the fold
of their arm, reach up under their stick with right arm, grab their wrist and lock 
Drop your arm down and clear.
6Sweep entryroof block into tie lock, bait right or left side, lock & clear
7Sweep entryroof block into tie lock, bait with chin, when they
punch, perry punch & slice belly. They clear to
armpit, strike stick into punyo rolls, control &
8Sweep entryroof block into tie lock, bait with chin, when they
punch, block punch down & uppercut with stick hand.
Hook their wrist & slide arm across chest & your right
arm across their throat for arm-bar & choke. Then they
strike down, then you perry & clear.
9Sweep entryperry, backfist, when they overhead strike, control their arm into 
armbar, compress elbow, single lock, slide out and clear
10Sweep entryControl and bring your stick under their
arm, abanico their live hand, bait with
your right forearm and hit their hand.
Bring your stick up and back-hand bait,
then roll your left arm over and pop their
grip off, hooking their wrist on your left
forearm, while simultaneously 
pressing on their elbow with their stick
in your right hand, resulting in an arm-bar
11Sweep entryperry, backfist and control their stick.
Bait same-side, fold their stick over and
lock wrist, then lay stick on side of neck
and choke.
12Sweep entryperry and control stick, then bait same
side, cross their arms and lay both hands
down on their leg, while stepping behind
to trap heel w/ your left foot. Begin at hip,
press in on leg and slide down to knee
for take-down, then hook heel for ankle
lock, then circle stick between leg, rest
their leg on your forearm and grind shin.
Finally, clear leg up, you should be in 
between their legs and strike.
13From #1 SBCControl their stick, abanico to their left 
side, when they grab tip of your stick,
cross sticks for X-double hand lock, 
then punch through to release lock w/
left hand into l on r tie lock, then finish.
14From #2 SBCStrike down into ribs for chest armbar
then abanico on top of arm and fold for 
fig. 4 iron bar lock, then release and take 
arm across throat for arm-bar/choke
then finish w/ diving throw and ground.
15From #1 SBCBait Same Side and lock, Bait opposite
side behind your stick be sure to 
, keep your tip up and wrap around 
back of your stick for lock, then bait
same side with tip and cross-bow lock,
Then bait behind stick and lock with
elbow, strike with free hand, finally,
clear down with stick and tie-lock
their stick, then bait with live hand and
roll your stick over for double hand lock.