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 Clinics in the park, Saturday, June 23rd. www.clinicsinthepark.com

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 The 4th Annual Clinics in the park was Incredible. A new facility, First Class Training, wonderful food and the Staff, as always, was top notch professional. Master Barker, Guro Theresa and the PTMA staff out did themselves this year by putting on another wonderful clinic. With a quick and friendly check-in, my son and I were on our way to day full of fellowship, fun and great training including ladies self defense with Sensei Jay Spiro, Sensei Andy Troia( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) (by popular demand), and more- while keeping the core group of Sensei Bobby Peeler (Ai'Mute Shotokan),Sensei Jay Penfil (Bunkai), DR H. Scrivens and Master Bart Ryan (San Soo) Sifu Laura Kahlil (Tai Chi Chuan) Sensei Curtis Butler (Forms) Master Adam Lux (Sparring)  and the PTMA staff like Guro Theresa Terlecki doing kick boxing, Kyosa Todd Wolney with a kids karate class, Kyosa Nicole Mulkey with a morning stretch, and Master Bill Barker teaching close quarter combat and weapons. I was honored to be included to teach Modern Arnis Stick and Knife. All I can say is WOW. we enjoyed ourselves immensely along with the over 50 other participants. Training started at 9am and was fun and furious until Lunch, wich was provide by PTMA. We enjoyed Tim Hortons sanwiches with chips and drinks (Yummy). A nice surprise was given to two lucky people who filled out their comment forms. They won FREE passes to next years clinic, Awesome. After lunch and great conversations, it was back to training for 4 more hours with great instructors. By the end of the day, I was lit up with excitement and my mind was buzzing with everything that I had learned and i wanted MORE... With a very nice closing ceremony we cleaned up and went our seperate ways with new friendships, strengthend old ones and a renewed fire and passion for the martial arts. Now I know I didn't give much of an explanation of each class, but words cannot do justice to the quality and knowlwedge shared. The only way to truly appreciate this event is to attend. so why not visit their website Clinic in the park and mark it on your schedule for next year, because from what I've seen, it's going to be unbelievable!!! Thank-you to Master Barker , Guro Theresas and the PTMA staff for another wonderful event. Peace 6/18/11

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to NEW Modern Arnis Black Belts for Mark, Theresa , Nicole and Ryan. We're very proud of you all!!! 






 GM Bong Jornales seminar April 10, 2010 was excellent. GM Bong showed his interpretation of FMA and it was very enlightening. His focus on foot-work and mobility was great and his use and variety of weapons was VERY Impressive!!!. I want to thank Master Barker nd PTMA for hosting another great seminar as usuall! 



2/5/10 Sensei Penfils Bunkai Seminar was great. We worked on Pyhung ahn sam dan and it's applications. I was very honored and proud of Deidra joining me and training soo hard. Thank-you to Sensei Spiro for hosting and to Sensei Penfil for such a great seminar full of knowledge.



I was HONORED to be inducted into the D-Lux hall of fame by Sensei Lux. Thank-you Sir.



I Had a great time at Guro Parsons Seminar Wednesday evening. Guro covered transitions form single, double, and reverse siniwalli and also showed how to flow from Redonda-X into 6 count drill to mid-line drill and back again. Great flow drills. Thank-you Guro Parsons. 1/27/10







 WOW, what a great week of training. I had the honor of training with SOO many talented and wonderful people. Wednesday night was with Doc Laurie, Master Barker and the PTMA team, then Thursday with Sensei Penfil and his group. The weekend was an Arnis camp with GM Delaney, Col. McManus and the IMAF team, with Sensei Lu...x's tournament on Saturday. I had an incredible time, learned a great deal and now I'm wiped out!!!
But, back to trainning!!! 1/22/10






Congratulations to Deidra on earning her Yellow belt in Tang Soo Do, Great Job.

Congratulations to Kyosa Ryan Malwits on his promotion to Likah Tatlo in Modern Arnis.

Congratulation to all the Newly Promoted Arnisadors at ProgressiveTactics Martial Arts!


The PTMA Stimulus Seminar was an Incredible Time!

I want to Thank Master Barker, Master H, SaBum Moore, Mr Malwitz, Crystal, Dean and eveyone who Attended. It was my HONOR to train, teach and share with everyone. Can't wait to do it again. ()


the 2nd annual Filipino Martial Arts Seminar

Sensei Jaye Spiro (Balintiwak) Sifu Edgar Cordova (Doce Pares)

Guro Enoch T. Carlton (Modern Arnis)

 Was a great time. Sensei Spiro taught a great variety of double stick drills, with traditional and advanced stick work including Cob-Cob and a 9 count strike drill. Sifu Cordova taught covered an exciting (and Painful) set of Doce Pares Lock and stick tthrows with ground controls. And Guro Carlton taught open-hand knife defenses from different angles of attack.

The seminar was topped off with the Advancment of Master Bill Barker to the rank of Lakan Dalawa by Sifu Edgar Cordova.

A rank LONG over due and well deserved.

For photos of the event, visit our photo page.


 The Spring Fling 2

Spring fling 2 was a great time shared by all. With Instructors Sensei Penfil (Bunkai) Master Barker (Everything) Master H (San Soo Kung Fu) Sensei Lux (sparring) Ms. Mulkey (tai chi and Weapons) Mr. Loor (Bootcamp) Mr Nick (fitness) and myself (Modern Arnis) there was something for everyone. The rain thankfully held off and we began with a quick warm-up. I decided to attend Master Barkers 8 Gates of Ba Gua clinic. It’s a beautiful, fluid form with great defense applications. Afterwards I taught single stick Arnis, with beginners doing baits and Advanced doing left on right. Then I attended Sensei Penfils Bunkai and he showed us applications from the opening of our basic hyung. I never knew of all the applications from a simple ready stance and low block. Then lunch where we learned from Big Ron proper nutrition and good tips on working out better. Then the CERT team gave a talk on what their about. Then back to work. I then taught a basic Arnis clinic, followed by a knife defense and double stick class. Then for the final clinic of the day, I attended Master H Kung Fu, where I learned some very fluid and devastating techniques and a great philosophy on counters. The day was full of friendship and sharing. NO egos, just people wanting and willing to share and learn. I am humbled and honored to be part of such a great martial arts community and can’t wait for next year. (Don’t miss it!!!) Peace,Enoch


The recent GM Delaney and Prof McManus seminar was a great time.

GM Delaney taught aspects of R on R tapi-tapi and enteries utalizing Palis-palis, with locks and controls. Prof. McManus taught a very nice Crossada knife flow drill, focusing on footwork and controlling the distance of the arc of the blade. I had a great time and Thank-you to Sensei Romanelli for hosting.


Congraulations to the following NEW black belts at PTMA:

New 3rd dan- ms nicole mulkey
New 2nd dan- mr david knott
New 1st dan- mr dustin menter
New 1st dan- ms kimberly hymes

Awesome job by them and by Master Bill Barker.


Also, Congratulations to to Guro Chris Manley of Mejishi Martial arts, on earnig his Lakan Dalawa.