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Below are photos of (but not all and in NO particular order) Long time instructors and people who have influenced my training and life.

I am in debt to them all  for what they have shared with me, either a lifetime of training and friendship or one moment of clarity.

(Not pictured)

GOD, My WIFE and Family, Master Walter Woodruff, "BAD" Brad Burrick, Master Tim March, Dr. Maung Gyi, Sensei Ed Sporer (For starting in the FMA), Masters of Tapi-Tapi Dr. Randi Shea, Brian Zalawinski, Jim Ladis, Datu Tim Hartman, Kyosa Ryan Malwitz, Sensei Bobby Peeler, Sensei Jaye Spiro, Master Rich Parsons, Dr. H Scrivens, Guros Jason Gearhart and Sarah Greene, Guro Karen Kallahan, Denny Strecker, All of my Students. And countless others...

Please forgive me for who I missed...




Professor Presas

Master Bill Barker

Colonel Lisa Mcmanus, Sensei Rommanelli, Guro Christian

Master Frizzel, Mr Loor, Sensei Penfil, Master Barker

Grand Master Jeff Delaney

Grand Master Dan Anderson, Sensei Jaye Spiro

Master Barker, Sifus Mr and Mrs Hatch, Sensei Jaye Spiro, Guro Rich Parsons

Master of Tapi-Tapi Chuck Gauss

Guro Scott VanDerzee

Dr  Presas, Maestro Guro Ben Harrison, Guro Chris Manley

Master of Tapi-Tapi Ken Smith

Sifu Edgar Cordova, Doc Khalil, Dan, Ms Thereasa, Mr Loor, Ron, Master Barker, Mr. Doss.

Senseis Patty and Andy Trioa and the TnT family