Fluid-Force Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Offering Quality training in Modern Arnis, Tang Soo Do & Self-Defense!

What we teach...

In our classes we teach a progression of defense.

Here at Fluid Force Modern arnis of Michigan, we provide quality training in Modern Arnis & modern self-defense. Our classes are taught in a fun & relaxed atmosphere. We teach at each students individual level, so they may learn & progress at their own rate.
First you will learn how to be aware of your surroundings & avoid dangerous situations. If that fails, we will show you how to dissolve the situation with the least amount of force, with maximum results.

Why Fluid-Force.


                “You can never step in a river, the same place twice.”  This quote gives a good explanation of the philosophy behind Fluid-force training. Like a river, a self-defense situation is always moving, growing, speeding, slowing and you never know what’s in it until you are forced to step in, because no two situations are ever the same.

                We believe that you should train like Fluid or Water. Water can Flow, and we believe you should be fluid in your training and life. Water can also be evasive, and in your training we will teach you to evade dangerous situations by not being there or by deescalating the situation without using force. BUT, Water can also Crash and over whelm and in our classes we will also teach you through the Universal truths of martial arts like, Economy of motion, Distancing, Angles, Footwork, Correct Force and others, how to defend yourself in the most effective and efficient way possible for YOU, so that you can survive!

                Our training, like a river that flows, is always changing and growing. A stagnate river is ridden with disease and cannot support growth or life. Because you grow in life and as a martial artist so will your training. What is effective now may not be later, as you grow in power, speed, confidence and ability. Our mission is to teach you and assist you in continuing to grow in your training and life, so that you may be the best martial artist and person that YOU can be.


 At Fluid Force Modern Arnis of Michigan, we teach Modern Arnis as created by Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas.
 From the time that Professor Presas was a boy training with his grandfather in the Philippines,
he combined his knowledge of open hand, stick, knife & grappling techniques into a brilliantly blended & relaxed Filipino martial art.
He described it as "the flow" & focused his teaching so that anyone could learn the ability to flow from striking,
to joint locks, to throws, & then grappling.
In our classes we teach the application of Double & single stick work, Knife & open-hand self-defense, Panantukan or Filipino Kickboxing, Pangamot or Filipino empty-hand defense against a weapon and much more... 
A major focus is to teach you how to defend yourself against a weapon yielding attacker,
from stick, bat or any blunt object to knife or empty hand attackers. We will teach you proper distancing, footwork, angles & entry into control & subduing your attacker. You will learn Fight or flight responses
& how to control attacks of aggression with the proper response.

We also offer classes in Tang Soo Do. Tang soo do is a traditional Korean martial art,
that incorporates striking, blocking, kicking,one-steps,Sparring, Basic grappling and Forms (Patterns with Bunkai: correct explanation and application of technique) Joint locks, Throws and take-downs into a Powerful, disciplined, structured & effective art of self-defense.

We are guided in the art of Tang Soo Do by Master Bill Barker of Progressivetactics Martial Arts 

Aswell as learning modern arnis & Tang soo do, we also teach & integrate aspects of other effective martial arts.
You will also learn penjak silat, an indonesian martial art which includes devastatingly quick striking
& Harimua (tiger) ground defenses. Aswell as striking combinations in Kickboxing,
Relaxation & breathinig techniques found in Tai-chi/Qigong & Basic Jujitsu grappling & joint locking from Japan and Brazil.